WooCommerce payment gateways: What are the types?

WooCommerce payment gateways: What are the types?
Each brand, regardless of its size, prefers to create a website that sells online based on the current trends. In the world of e-commerce, the number of online stores is growing all the time and millions of companies are doing business at the global level.

In executing a successful e-commerce website on WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin must be installed as its extension. You can employ WordPress experts who will save you time as they will be in charge of a whole WooCommerce project development and configuration.

There are some important features that a WooCommerce website cannot leave out. One of them is that they provide a payment gateway. You must choose an appropriate payment processor to have a smooth, hassle-free, and secure transaction.

This blog consists of answers to all the questions about WooCommerce payment gateways so that you can choose the best option for your market.

What is a WooCommerce payment gateway? 

A WooCommerce payment gateway is the software or service provided for those users who use WooCommerce. It removes the complexity of the purchase process by asking users to pay directly from the website without being redirected to other payment pages.

The payment gateway plugin is usually free or inexpensive and allows for many banks and payment methods to be supported giving ease to the integration. Moreover, it enables merchants to obtain vital data on past sales and revenue on a real-time basis.

WooCommerce gateways use the encryption protocol to secure identifying details of sensitive information such as credit and debit cards, this data is transmitted securely between the client, online store, and payment processor. 

These portals present a variety of features, pricing, and technical assistance that enable the vendor to settle for the one that caters to the company's requirements and focuses on the specific target market.

What are the various payment gateway options offered by WooCommerce?


Paypal is an integral payment gateway that is very popular among users who consider it a reliable payment system. Paypal for WooCommerce gives you the option of accepting payments not only through Paypal but also through credit cards, Paypal credit, and digital wallets. PayPal allows different currencies to be used and keeps the buyer and the seller tie-tests tight. Furthermore, it is a preferred option for international dealings since it accepts more than 30 currencies and different languages. 


Monetico enables businesses to securely and easily take electronic payments. Companies can use the Monetico Payment Gateway for WooCommerce to allow customers to pay with credit cards as well as other payment methods, providing additional flexibility.

This integration offers a checkout process within the existing WooCommerce framework, improving security measures to safeguard payment information and prevent fraud while adhering to industry standards to create confidence between merchants and customers. 


Stripe is a tool for merchants with numerous secure payment processing options. For instance, these cover bank cards as well as debit and credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and alternative payment methods which include ACH bank transfers, and cryptocurrency among others. Stripe ensures that the customer is billed and the owners pay them in different currencies and various countries regardless of location.

Not only is Stripe way more flexible than payment processing, but it also offers additional tools such as subscription billing, invoicing, and custom checkout experience. In addition to that, there are tools for conflict resolution, refund processing, and paying data analytics to help businesses achieve more efficiency.

The main advantage of Stripe's developer-centric approach which offers comprehensive documentation, smart templates, and functional APIs for seamless interaction with websites and mobile applications is highly appreciated. This flexibility allows organizations to customize the payment experience and modify it to become the exact image of their branding.

Stripe provides the highest level of security at the customer data level, through encryption, tokenization, and real-time fraud screening, thus ensuring the safety of confidential payments and prevention of frauds. In addition, you will be able to establish WooCommerce multiple stripe accounts for distinct transaction channels.


Square has become one of the most popular gateways because of its excellent functionality and integrations.

It is the most secure and quickest pay mode for e-commerce sites. Square operates a business that provides a comprehensive payment processing service that combines both in-person and online payments. 

Square has limited foreign payment capabilities. However, it is the finest payment method for retailers, restaurants, and appointment-based enterprises.

It offers transparent fees, cheap pricing, and a simple setup. It also helps you track your business and obtain insights to ensure its success.

Pinpayment gateway 

Pin payment gateway is a user-friendly and secure payment solution that enables merchants to tailor the checkout experience to the merchants' brand identity and needs.

Businesses that use the WooCommerce PinPayment Gateway can fulfill their customers' demands by accepting credit cards, debit cards, and other Pin Payment-ready payment methods.

Retailers can improve their e-commerce capabilities by employing the WooCommerce PinPayment Gateway, which provides a feature-rich solution for transaction processing within WooCommerce-powered online storefronts. 

Worldline payment gateway 

Merchants can choose any payment option available (credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, alternative means of payment, and more) through the Worldline Payment Gateway. To protect clients’ financial details and combat the menace of fraud, it conforms to the strict industry standard known as PCI DSS. 

The Worldline Payment Gateway's configurable and adaptable capabilities enable merchants to tailor the checkout process to their branding and preferences.
It works smoothly with a variety of e-commerce platforms and systems, making implementation and management easy for organizations. 


Moneris Direct Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is essentially a payment solution that allows Moneris to do the payment processing functionalities easily in WooCommerce-powered online stores.

The Moneris Direct Payment Gateway for WooCommerce provides a secure environment for payment processing, flexibility with major credit card networks, and accessibility on popular Digital wallet platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This payment gateway thus helps WooCommerce merchants to take payments straight on their websites and this way the customers do not find it hard to checkout.

In addition, Moneris Direct Payment Gateway has strong security measures on offer, including encryption and tokenization, which are designed to protect sensitive payment details and stop fraud.  

eWAY Rapid

WooCommerce eWay Rapid Gateway is an Integrated PCI Compliant payment processing application for WooCommerce. Customers can do their shopping with ease by simply using eWay Rapid Gateway which supports all sorts of possible payment choices like credit/debit cards.
One of the principal features of WooCommerce eWay Rapid Gateway involves its integration with WooCommerce, which creates a fully automated checkout with minimal effort for customers. The integration enables shops to add new payment options into checkout processes and automatically halt orders, implying improved payment flow.

eWay Rapid Gateway makes it a priority to ensure top-notch security. Encryption and fraud prevention are two methods that this system implements to prevent the leaking of sensitive data and build the barrier to fraud. This gives rise to a safe connection between merchants and customers during their online business transactions. 

Summing up!

Now all that is left for you is to choose the payment gateway that would work for your business taking into account what is currently in use by the WooCommerce platform.

You can also pick up WooCommerce development services if you need help with selecting the appropriate payment gate for your business.

Do your research, understand the requirements of your business and customers, and then choose the one that will provide you with the best solution. 

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