Top WooCommerce Payment Gateways Worth Exploring in 2023

Top WooCommerce Payment Gateways Worth Exploring in 2023

Want to know what's the driving force behind facilitating smooth transactions that the customers experience while shopping online? Well, the answer to this lies in efficient WooCommerce Payment Gateways. These gateways are known for enabling convenient and secure online transactions. 

Now, if you are wondering what are some of the best options available in the market, then all you need is to read this blog post, as here, we will provide you with a detailed list mentioning these alternatives. 

So, let's move further: 

What are WooCommerce Payment Gateways, and Why Do You Need These?

WooCommerce Payment Gateways are known to be robust tools that help facilitate smooth and secure online transactions within your e-commerce store. These typically function as the bridge between your business account and the payment sources of your customers. 

Whenever anyone purchases something on your website, the payment gateway validates payment details, encrypts their sensitive financial information and aids in transferring the funds from the customer's accounts to yours. 

Key Reasons to Choose WooCommerce Payment Gateways

  • Customer Trust: With the increasing prevalence of security breaches and online fraud, customers hesitate to share their payment information. However, if you have integrated a trusted payment gateway into your store, it aids in building customer trust and motivates them to purchase on your website. 
  • Secure Transactions: Payment gateways offer solid security measures that protect sensitive payment information like credit card details from cyber threats. 
  • Real-Time Transactions: Payment gateways facilitate the real-time processing of transactions. It offers immediate confirmation to customers. Ultimately, you would be able to fulfill orders quickly. 
  • Customer Experience: A secure and smooth payment procedure improves customer experience. It boosts customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases. 
  • Reduced Abandonment: One of the biggest reasons behind cart abandonment involves insecure or complicated payment processes. A user-friendly payment gateway reduces the chances of customers leaving your website without completing their purchases. 

Why Do You Need to Integrate WooCommerce Plugins in Payment Gateways?

One of the best ways to boost the functionality of your ecommerce store is by integrating the best WooCommerce plugins with payment gateways. It not only helps in improving the user experience, but also adds flexibility to your store. 

Below are a few reasons why it becomes crucial for you to integrate plugins:

  • Improved Security Features: Plugins often offer advanced security features. It includes tokenization, fraud prevention and two-factor authentication. So, integrating plugins into your store helps protect customer data and strengthens the security of payment transactions. 
  • Expanded Payment Alternatives: You will find many built-in payment gateways in WooCommerce. Also, you can extend the range of payment options by integrating plugins. 

Whenever it comes to payment methods, different customers have different preferences. It includes bank transfers, digital wallets, debit or credit cards, etc. So, with plugins, you could provide your customers with various options that match their preferences. 

  • Global Accessibility: Many payment gateways tend to have geographical limitations. With the integration of payment gateway plugins, you can tap into international markets by adding region-specific gateways that resonate with customers from diverse countries. 
  • Compatibility and Updates: WooCommerce plugins are designed to work with the platform seamlessly. Also, frequent updates from the plugin and WooCommerce developers ensure that your payment gateways remain secure, functional and compatible. 

Top 6 WooCommerce Payment Gateways 

1. QuickBooks Payment

QuickBooks Payment is a versatile payment processing solution that effectively integrates with WooCommerce. By relying on this payment gateway, you could improve your ecommerce store's payment capabilities. 

This payment option is also known for offering an integrated approach to managing financial data and payments. With QuickBooks Payment, customers can make secure online payments using debit and credit cards. This integration simplifies your business operations by syncing payment information with QuickBooks. 

It facilitates efficient management and tracking. This solution is beneficial for business owners looking forward to combining accounting and payment processing tasks within a familiar and trusted platform. 

One of the best plugins you can integrate with this payment gateway is WooCommerce QuickBooks Gateways by Elsner. Leveraging it will allow you to accept credit card payments on your WooCommerce store. 

2. Worldline

Worldline is another leading payment gateway and a global leader in offering secure transactional and payment services. It provides a diverse range of payment solutions to businesses, including mobile payments, in-store payments, online payments, and more. 

This specific payment gateway allows businesses to accept payments from customers through different channels. Some of these include mobile applications, e-commerce sites, etc.

It is also known for offering efficient and secure payment processing services, thereby assisting businesses in facilitating smooth transactions. All of these contribute to improving the overall customer experience. 

If you desire to accept payments in WooCommerce through Wallets, net banking, UPI or Cards, then you can install Elsner's WooCommerce WorldLine Payment Gateways plugin to provide a streamlined checkout process for your customers. 

3. Multistripe

Stripe is a recognised WooCommerce payment gateway that is well-known for its varied array of features. It includes global payment support, robust security measures, seamless integration and versatility in handling different payment methods, such as major credit cards and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Also, this payment gateway comes with transparent pricing and developer-friendly API, which makes it a most sought-after option by e-commerce businesses. 

It ensures quick payouts and a seamless checkout experience for customers and at the same time, enables mobile optimisation, subscription management and detailed reporting as well. Due to all of these reasons, it is regarded as one of the top WooCommerce payment gateways. 

If you are focusing on creating and managing multiple Stripe accounts on the same website, then you will need an efficient plugin to do so. One such plugin you can use  is WooCommerce Multistripe Accounts. Developed by certified developers at Elsner, it lets you handle transactions from distinct sources effectively. 

4. Pin Payments

Another payment gateway is Pin Payments, well-known for its versatility and simplicity. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing your customers to experience a swift and secure checkout process. 

With Pinpayment integration, you can offer different payment alternatives to your customers, allowing them to select their preferred method. This payment gateway stands out due to its competitive pricing. 

As it does not come with any monthly or setup fees, it is an excellent option for medium- and small-sized businesses. Additionally, it comes with attractive features such as a developer-friendly API and secure card data storage, improving the payment experience for both customers and merchants. 

To further ease the process of accepting online payments, you can integrate this payment gateway with the WooCommerce Pinpayment Gateways plugin that you can buy from the Elsner store. 

5. eWay

The next name in our list is eWay, which is a reliable bridge between your WooCommerce store and secure payment processing. It is known for its user-friendly integration with WooCommerce. Also, it effectively supports a wide diversity of payment methods, including PayPal, debit and credit cards, and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

This payment gateway emphasizes compliance and security, ensuring that sensitive customer payment data is securely handled through its PCI DSS compliance. It has features like tailored checkout options for a streamlined customer experience and tokenization for secure payment processing. Due to its solid security features and ease of use, it is regarded as a leading choice for WooCommerce merchants. 

To leverage maximum benefits from this payment gateway, integrate it with an efficient plugin like Elsner's WooCommerce eWay Payment Gateways. 

6. is the final name in our list of WooCommerce Payment Gateways that possess secure and robust payment processing capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing businesses to accept debit and credit card payments. 

This payment gateway is favored for its extensive developer resources and sophisticated fraud protection tools. With features like echeck processing and automated recurring billing, it is best suited for subscription-based models and e-commerce stores requiring a versatile payment solution. 

Its capability to handle diverse payment options makes it one of the top WooCommerce payment gateways. 

Final Words

So, the ones mentioned above are some of the best WooCommerce payment gateways that every e-commerce business owner should know about. Also, the above-discussed plugins when integrated with these payment gateways can prove to be robust tools to accelerate your business growth. 

Integrating these payment gateways with powerful plugins will contribute to taking your experience to the next level by simplifying business management and improving user satisfaction. 

Whether you are a budding e-commerce store owner or a global enterprise, leveraging the potential of these payment gateways and plugins can help you achieve success in your digital journey. 

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