Best Magento Features that Drive Your eCommerce Success

Best Magento Features that Drive Your eCommerce Success

Magento has been the powerhouse for fueling the passion of all the budding entrepreneurs. And that’s because Magento is full of noteworthy features that come with customizable site functionalities, operational features, marketing tools and much more. 

With Magento 2.0, the dominance of this eCommerce platform was stupendous among eCommerce businesses of all sizes. The scope of customizable with the Magento 2 modules was further scaled, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness for your store. 

As of now, Magento consists of strong cybersecurity measures, improved caching, extension validation and other such features to improve your store management aspects over the platform. 

However, there are still many people who aren’t quite convinced about adopting Magento as their primary choice for starting an eCommerce store. So, if you are one among them too, this article is here to provide you with an insight into the latest Magento features and benefits. 

By the end of this article, you will definitely be convinced enough to make your choice on hiring a Magento enterprise developer for creating your online store. 

What are the Features of Magento Development for Your eCommerce Business?

If you have plans to start an eCommerce business, you need to choose the right platform. Do you want to know why?

Well, a platform acts as the gateway for you to take your business idea on a path of success! Without the right platform, it will be like setting your business on a weak foundation. And anything that’s built on a weak foundation never lasts! 

Magento Commerce is one of the best platforms that help you build that strong base for setting up your small, medium or large-scale eCommerce business. This platform is packed with numerous features and benefits for you upon choosing it as your preferred platform. 

So, here are a few features of the Magento platform to help you learn more about its efficacies in the eCommerce market:

1. Immense Scalability and Flexibility

Among the diverse features that Magento boasts about, one that stands as its impeccable flexibility. Irrespective of whether you are a new startup or an established eCommerce business owner, Magento has the right features to cater to all your needs. 

Apart from that, it is also very scalable, as you have the right tools or Magento 2 modules to seek expansion for the business alongside growth demands. Moreover, it can handle large flow of traffic and immense volume of transactions, without lowering the performance rate. 

2.  Open-Source Nature

Magento, as a platform, comes with an open-source nature that empowers all businesses and developers altogether. This platform comes with a big community of expert developers who are contributing to the consistent evolution of Magento. These developers share insights into the new updates or functional possibilities in forums or diverse channels. 

Due to this open ecosystem, Magento, as a platform, remains adaptive and dynamic. Following that, this ecosystem also ensures timely enhancements in security, frequent feature updates and upload of various modules for the Magento extension store. This way, your store operations and productivity will enhance at a stupendous rate. 

3. In-Depth Customization Potential

With Magento, it is now easier for you to cater your store to meet the specific business needs. You can go ahead and hire a Magento 2 developer to implement store customizations to give you a unique identity with your brand store. Starting from design elements to functionalities, there are various scopes of customizations available. 

The Magento extension store is full of options such as speed booster, image optimizer, one-time checkout and others to help you avail high-end customizations for your brand store. In case you don’t find a pre-developed extension in the dedicated marketplaces, you can let your developer help you create custom add-ons as well. 

4. Mobile Responsiveness Guaranteed

When you are running your online store using Magento, you don’t have to worry about optimizing the store separately for mobile devices. It is because the store itself is responsive for smaller screen sizes, without losing on the performance quotient. It ensures that the eCommerce site will deliver a seamless experience, irrespective of what device your customers use. 

This way, you will be able to scale the user engagement quotient as well as the conversion rates. As the trend of mobile commerce is dominating the current eCommerce sector, Magento will help you stay on top of your competitors by using the platform. 

5. SEO Friendly 

The architecture of Magento is very strategically optimized for search engines. Upon choosing this platform, you get some high-end SEO features such as creating custom URL structure, sitemap generation for Google, metadata control and others. Not only that but with the use of the right Magento 2 modules, SEO proficiency can be scaled even further. 

Such elements, upon implementation will help empower your business with the ideology of improving the overall visibility and the search engine rankings. It means your store and products will be displayed in the top position over the SERPs as a result of the built-in SEO features and adequate efforts from your end. 

6. Productive Marketing Tools

Magento offers you a plethora of built-in marketing tools for you to advance your sales and engage customers. Following that, you can pick your required add-on tools from the Magento extension store and scale your marketing proficiency to the next level. With the right use of tools or marketing extensions, strategizing your brand promotions will be easier.

Starting from putting up personalized promotions and launching discounts to encouraging upselling and cross-selling deals, there is nothing that you can’t achieve on Magento by using the right tools or extensions. All you must do is connect with your expert developers and let them help you integrate the best marketing tool extensions for achieving success in your business. 

What are Some of the Magento 2 Features Specific to Your Business Administrators and Users?

To help you feel more convinced about adopting Magento 2 as your eCommerce platform, here are some of the features associated with the use of your store admins:

  • Streamlined Admin Panel

Magento 2 sites are available with a perfectly redesigned dashboard, which makes it easier for you to update the content and manage small changes easily. Following that, there are also certain extensions to further streamline the admin panel. 

Some of the elements that are part of the redesigned Magento dashboard include easy backend navigation, personalization, responsiveness and others. 

  • Cybersecurity Measured Enhanced

With the latest version of Magento, the users will be allowed to log in only on one device for a single period of time. It helps the individual users get an update if their access credentials have been compromised, and the experts will be notified to fix the situation. This way, sensitive information will remain protected! 

The Magento experts, while developing your store, will make sure that all the security controls are embedded properly to ensure your customers are protected against any identity theft or other such issues. 

  • Better Product Management

With Magento 2.0, it will be easy for your business to easily and quickly manage your products over the store. Taking the help of the dedicated features, you will be able to keep track of the products that are available for sale in your store, place orders from the suppliers, and ensure site information on products is accurate. 

Your store admin on Magento 2 will be able to set up low-stock notifications, add product data in bulk, create different product attributes and much more. There are dedicated Magento 2 modules as well to help your admins with even better product management. 

What are the Technical Benefits of Choosing Magento 2 as Your eCommerce Platform?

To help you get a better understanding of the technical proficiencies of Magento 2, here are some benefits for you to count on:

  • Your Magento enterprise developer will experience immense productivity in building the website. 
  • Magento is made up of modern frameworks and a very soohisticated architecture, which allows the developers to create a personalized web design. 
  • There’s a vetted Magento extension store for you to pick the required modules and integrate them into your store to enhance the features. 
  • Updating or maintaining the Magento store is quite easy with straightforward settings. 
  • Easy backup process, which will be able to restore the data and power the website, whenever needed. 

Parting Words

If you have plans on scaling your eCommerce business in the near future, be assured there is no better platform than Magento to count on. It is immensely customizable and mobile-friendly, which allows your businesses to adapt to the new design and functionality trends in the industry. 

With this article, you are now clearly aware of the core features that Magento 2 has to offer! Starting from creative UI features to the availability of various Magento 2 modules, there is a lot to achieve with Magento as your eCommerce platform. 

All you must do is hire a Magento 2 developer and let them know your requirements from the eCommerce store. Let them use their skills and the platform’s efficacies to develop the best-in-class brand store. 

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