Top Magento 2 Features that Helps Kickstart Your Business Growth

Top Magento 2 Features that Helps Kickstart Your Business Growth

As of 2022, Magento 2 is known for powering around 100,000 active ecommerce websites. From this, it is clear that Magento is playing a significant role in the ecommerce industry by emerging as a key player. 

So, if you as an ecommerce business owner want to stay ahead of the competition, it is high time to switch to Magento. This platform comes with a host of impressive features that make it a go-to platform for businesses looking forward to attaining success in this world of digitalisation. 

Here, in this guide, we will inform you about some of the notable features of Magento 2. Knowing about these features is vital before you choose this platform. So, without any further delay, let's begin: 

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a robust and extensively employed ecommerce platform built on open-source technology. It is known for offering a flexible shopping cart system to online merchants. Leveraging this platform helps you gain complete control over your online store's content, look and functionality. 

Some essential features Magento offers include powerful catalogue management, search engine optimisation and marketing tools.

What are the Must-Know Magento 2 Features?

  • Business-to-Business

Magento is known for offering a comprehensive set of native B2B attributes, which helps in effectively enhancing the overall shopping experience. The admin can rely on these robust features to effortlessly incorporate company accounts and facilitate efficient management of multiple buyers. 

It allows you to tailor catalogues specifically for your customers, which helps ensure they receive contract terms throughout the purchasing procedure. Along with that, you also get the capability to add payments to the purchasers' accounts directly, which helps make financial transactions even more seamless. 

Magento further offers the functionality to create requisition lists and order forms, which helps in increasing customer loyalty and repeat orders. 

Some of the critical B2B features offered by Magento incorporate the following:

  • Company Account and Quote Management: This specific feature allows you to handle quotes and manage company accounts easily. Ultimately, it helps in streamlining the overall B2B purchasing procedure. 
  • Customisation of Catalogues: You can easily customise catalogues to suit your customers' specific requirements. In turn, it ensures they get access to the appropriate products and contract terms. 
  • Multiple Buyers: Magento supports various buyers, all within a single organisation. So, it offers convenience to businesses with different purchasing roles. 
  • Creation of Requisition List: This feature allows buyers to create requisition lists for the items that are frequently ordered. It makes the overall procurement procedure smoother. 
  • Re-ordering from Past Orders: It helps customers to easily reorder items from their past purchase history, which promotes both repeat business and convenience. 
  • Handling Orders and Inventory

Another important Magento feature involves managing inventory. It typically incorporates specific features for single and multiple warehouses, drop-off centres and pick-up locations. These robust tools are known for providing you with comprehensive control over your inventory. 

As a result, this feature allows you to monitor product quantities, track available stock, and streamline the overall order management procedures. Also, with Magento, you can easily manage shipments and invoices, handle order workflow and build a smooth checkout experience for your customers. 

The most essential features of the inventory and order management system of Magento are as follows:

  • Addition of Stocks and Bulk Actions: This feature allows you to add and manipulate stocks and carry out bulk actions effortlessly. In turn, it helps in streamlining different inventory management tasks. 
  • Single and Multi-Source Support: Magento is known for supporting single and multi-source inventory management. It enables you to manage your stock from different locations effectively.
  • Merchandise Amounts and Sources: Through this feature, you can keep an accurate record of product quantities and their respective sources. It again helps in ensuring precise tracking and management of your stock.
  • Shipment Management: This feature allows you to effectively manage the shipment procedure, which again lets you track and control the shipping of products to customers. 
  • Re-order Creation: With this feature, you can allow your customers to easily and quickly re-order products from their order history. As a result, it helps in boosting the overall shopping experience. 
  • Payments and Financing 

Magento hosts a diverse range of global payment alternatives to cater to the store owners' unique requirements. It includes recognised methods such as Braintree and PayPal Express Checkout. 

This platform even makes it easy for you to integrate multiple payment gateways in your store. However, in case you require additional or specialised payment gateways that Magento does not support, then in that case, you are going to need Magento extensions for ecommerce

You can even reap the advantage of Magento's built-in offline payment options, including Cash on Delivery or COD. 

Also, Magento supports PCI Compliance guidelines, ensuring secure credit card data transmission directly to the payment gateway. As a result, it helps bypass the Magento system and keeps sensitive info secure. 

Here is a detailed list of its outstanding features:

  • Multiple Payment Methods: Magento offers diverse payment methods, from PayPal to the PayTrace payment gateway. It provides flexibility to both customers and merchants to select the most suitable options to carry out their transactions. 
  • Bank Transfer Payments Acceptance: As a store owner, you can easily accept payments through bank transfers. As a result, it helps accommodate customers who prefer this particular method for their purchases. 
  • A Boost in Conversion with PayPal Smart Payment: Another fantastic feature of Magento is PayPal Smart Payment. By using it, you can effectively improve the rates of conversion. This way, you could offer your customers a reliable and smooth payment experience. 
  • Money Orders Acceptance: Magento is also known for accepting money orders as a secure payment method. So, it helps in offering an extra payment option for customers. 
  • Renowned Payment Alternatives Such As PayPal Credit: As a store owner, your primary focus should be offering your customers distinct payment alternatives, including PayPal Credit. It helps in considerably improving convenience for customers during the checkout process. 
  • Progressive Web Apps

Another important Magento attribute is Progressive Web Application or PWA. It refers to a sophisticated web technology that transforms the online shopping experience by delivering app-like functionality. Not only that, but it also offers optimised content on both desktop and mobile devices. 

With a rising number of customers turning to mobile shopping, the PWA studio of Magento emerges as an outstanding solution. It helps you maximise mobile commerce by letting you come up with customised content and visuals meant explicitly for smaller screens. 

A few exciting benefits of Progressive Web Applications or PWAs include:

  • Performance Optimisation: PWAs are designed in a manner to offer superior performance, which in turn ensures smooth interactions and fast load times. It is irrespective of the device or network conditions. 
  • PWA Storefront Customisation: PWAs are known for offering you the much-needed flexibility to tailor storefronts in the exact way you want. So, it means that you, as a business owner, can customise your online presence to match the customer preferences and your unique branding. 
  • Offline Content Delivery: One of the exciting features of PWAs is their capability to deliver content even when users are offline or dealing with poor network connectivity. As a result, it ensures uninterrupted access to the most crucial info.
  • Responsive Site Design: Progressive Web Apps feature responsive design, which helps in offering an optimal viewing experience. As a part of it, both layout and content automatically adjust depending on the screen sizes. 
  • Effortlessly Social Media Sharing: The best part about PWAs is that they make it incredibly easy to share content on different social media platforms. It allows you to establish engagement with a broader audience and extend your reach by relying on social channels. 

You can consider choosing the Magento 2 PWA extension to extend the functionality of your store. 

  • Headless Commerce

Headless ecommerce is considered an approach that involves decoupling the backend and frontend components of an ecommerce store. So, it helps open up opportunities for tailored customer experience across different touchpoints. 

This innovation facilitates the effective management of the backend layer, which handles intricate processes. On the other hand, it is possible to customise the frontend without causing any impact on the backend system.

You will find several extensions in Elsner's Magento extension store that you can install to make considerable improvements in your store. 

Here are a few advantages of Headless Commerce that you must know about: 

  • Personalised Frontend: You can use headless commerce to customise and adapt your frontend user interfaces to meet specific user experience and design requirements. As a result, it helps in offering a compelling and unique online shopping experience. 
  • Frontend Modifications lacking Backend Upgrades: Headless commerce's decoupled nature helps business owners make frontend enhancements and modifications independently. Thus, the complicated backend infrastructure does not need any changes or upgrades. 
  • GraphQL API Integration: GraphQL APIs are also incorporated in headless commerce, which offers an efficient and flexible means to establish interaction with the backend systems. It also helps in retrieving data and delivering dynamic content to customers. 
  • Consistent Branding across Different Channels: With a headless approach, businesses can ensure that their branding is consistent across different devices and channels. It helps in reinforcing both customer recognition and brand identity. 

Final Thoughts

So, after reading this blog post, we are sure that you understand the critical features of Magento 2. With all this diverse range of features, Magento 2 emerges as a highly effective ecommerce platform that will kickstart your business success. This platform is known for offering several opportunities for success. 

If you want to optimise your Magento store further, you can consider installing a Magento marketplace extension or modules that help increase the functionality of your ecommerce store. 

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