Practical Tips & Hacks For Magento 2 Migration

Practical Tips & Hacks For Magento 2 Migration

Magento has always been one of the topmost e-commerce platforms. This is mainly because of its flexibility, scalability, and powerful features. However, Magento evolved with technological advancements. That’s why you need to upgrade your store with the help of the Magento 2 Migration Service.

Adobe has stopped supporting it since June 2020. That being said, if a store is still running on this version of Magento, they could face security breaches and performance issues.

But how do you plan and start your migration? 

In this blog article, we will share some knowledge about recent changes and give tips and tricks for making transitions easier. Additionally, we shall show you how to choose the best Magento 2 Migration service.

Why Should One Migrate To Magento 2?

Below are a few reasons why it might be worth considering an upgrade:

Advanced Scalability

Magento 2 can handle more visitors and products if your business expands rapidly.

SEO Optimization

Magento 2 has a lot of resources for search engine optimization. Using these tools Magento development services can make your store more visible to potential customers.

Enhanced Security

Magento 1 ceases to get security updates. Thus there are chances that your store may be susceptible to security breaches. However, Magento 2 has a robust security system. It will safeguard both your enterprise as well as customers.

Improved Performance

Improved performance and usability result in better conversion rates and customer satisfaction. In fact, some new extensions at Magento 2 Marketplace might not be compatible with the previous version. 

Latest Updates for Magento 2 Migration in 2024

Here’s a quick rundown of the most recent things that have happened in relation to Magento 2 migration:

Magento Version

Magento 2 has various versions that come with different feature sets and support lifecycles. Your hired Magento 2 migration service should select the one which suits your current and future business needs. The latest version is Magento 2.4.7 released on April 2024.

Cloud Migration Focus

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a hosted solution for Magento 2, which Adobe continues to promote. This option simplifies maintenance and streamlines operations. However, businesses can still use on-premise deployments if they have specific requirements.

Tools with Advanced Automation

Third-party migration tools available on Magento 2 Marketplace keep evolving themselves, providing more automation and better accuracy when transferring data.

Security Improvements

Magento is continually releasing security patches. So make sure you migrate to the version having the up-to-date security updates to keep your store optimally protected.

Headless Commerce Support

Magento 2 now supports headless implementations more effectively due to the rising popularity of such an e-commerce architecture approach. It allows Magento development services to decouple your store’s front-end from the backend thereby giving you an opportunity to deliver unique customer experiences across different devices and platforms flexibly.

Expert Tips for a Successful Magento 2 Migration

Here are some expert tips to ensure that your enjoy a smooth transition: 

Do a thorough site audit.

Start by auditing your current Magento 1 site. Make a note of all extensions, themes and customizations being used so your Magento 2 migration service provider know what will needs to be migrated over or replaced/ discarded altogether.

Plan out how you’re going to migrate.

Create an extensive plan with timelines, resources and key milestones for this project. Decide whether you’re going to do it in-house or hire someone else who specializes in M1-M2 migrations (considering things like budget, technical expertise etc.)

Choose the appropriate hosting provider.

Magento 2 has higher system requirements compared to Magento 1 – make sure that your hosting provider meets these demands while also offering scalability options. Security enhancements as well performance optimization features should also be looked into at this time!

Back up everything

Before your Magento 2 migration service professionals start any migration process, ensure that a complete backup of the M1 store is created. It should include files, databases, configurations, etc. because this will help retrieve the site when something goes wrong during migration.

Test on a staging environment first

Never run M1-M2 migration directly on the live store – create a staging environment where testing can take place without affecting the real site.

Extensions and Themes need Updating.

Magento 2 is not compatible with all extensions/themes for Magento 1. Get help from your Magento 2 migration service expert to identify the extensions or themes you require. Then, find their counterparts in Magento 2 or have them customized by developers where necessary.

Team Training

Teach your team how to effectively use the new system, which has additional features such as a different admin interface from Magento 1. x versions so that they can efficiently manage the store after migrating to it.

Monitor Performance After Migration

After you have migrated, closely watch how well your shop performs. Ensure there are no speed issues; everything should function perfectly and provide a good user experience, too. Track important statistics using tools like Google Analytics and built-in reports on Magento, and then make necessary changes if any key metrics don’t meet expectations.

Choosing the Best Magento 2 Migration Service Provider

The following tips will help you choose the provider that suits your needs:

Experience and Expertise

Ensure that the Magento 2 Migration Service provider has a good track record in Magento migrations. Check their previous works or ask them to provide you with examples from their portfolio.

All-inclusive Services

A reliable service provider must offer comprehensive services such as data migration, extension and theme migration, performance optimization and post-migration support. This way each part of the process will be handled professionally.

Certified Magento 2 Migration Service Provider

It is recommended to choose a certified partner only because such companies have proved themselves by meeting all required standards set by Magento itself while following best practices at all times too. Besides they are always up-to-date with new releases coming out from Magento and on Magento 2 marketplace

Transparent Pricing

The pricing should be clear without any hidden charges involved so make sure nothing else remains undisclosed prior entering into agreement. Therefore request detailed quote which covers everything needed within specified period. 

Customer Support

It is important that there are reliable means through which customers can get in touch with Magento 2 Migration Service support before and after the completion process. So check whether they have such channels and whether those are easily accessible or not. 


Are you prepared for your own migration? Consider these factors and seek professional guidance where necessary. Magento 2 could make a huge difference to your e-commerce business if you plan out the migration properly and carry it out well.

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