Why Choose Hyva Theme Extension For Your Magento 2 Store?

Why Choose Hyva Theme Extension For Your Magento 2 Store?

Are your users frustrated with slow loading product pages? Do you want to enhance the performance and user experience of your Magento 2 eCommerce store? If so, Hyva theme extensions can be the perfect game-changing solution for you. 

A well-reposive website design have the power to boost the time spent on your website by 84%. Happy website visitors contribute to a whopping 132% increase in annual online revenue year over year.

But with Magento's Luma theme, achieving the necessary performance upgrade is complex. It's time-consuming and costly. That's where Hyva themes are beneficial. Magento's Hyva theme extensions offer incredibly lightweight and flexible frontend functionaities. 

It enables you to craft a digital masterpiece that provides an exceptional shopping experience to your customers. No more sluggish eCommerce websites!  Want to explore the benefits of Hyva in detail? Keep reading!

What are Hyva Theme Extensions?

Hyva theme is an advanced frontend solution designed explicitly to improve website performance and user experience. 

Hyva theme extensions enable you to integrate the benefits of Hyva's technical structure within your Magento store. 

Hyva themes are designed based on four main principles- simplicity, performance, quality, and creativity. It's technical framework uses only 2 JS/CSS resources and have a capacity of just 0.2 megabytes. Therefore, it's significantly lighter than a standard Luma theme. 

Hyva eliminates complex components like RequireJS, Knockout, and UIComponents. Infact, Hyva themes presents a superior alternative to headless/PWA solutions. You have the option to hire a Hyva theme development company to custom design a theme for your store. 

Ranking 31st in the list of global eCommerce technologies, Hyva themes' sleek and intuitive design offers a viable solution to create a gorgeous and powerful eCommerce store. 

What are the Benefits of Hyva Theme for Magento 2 Store?

Easy and Fast Development 

Hyva is developed minimally using Magento's default framework – PHP. Therefore Hyva reduces 30% to 50% of the average development compared to alternatives like Luma or PWA. 

That means your Hyva theme development company can complete your store design sooner. Consequently, you'll get a quick entry to the market. 

You'll save some serious bucks when you consider Hyva extensions. In fact, with these extensions, you don't even need to develop a theme from scratch. You just have to install and configure it to get started. 

And that's something you need in this highly competitive industry- a quick and simple solution.  

Enhances website performance

A high-performing and fast-loading eCommerce website attracts more users, enabling you to generate more sales. 

On the other hand, a slow and laggy Magento theme can crunch your traffic, sales, and profit numbers. If your site's load time is even delayed by 100 milliseconds, its bounce rate can be elevated by 7%.

Hyva theme extensions make your website extremely fast. Hyva theme's Time To Interactive tool presents a lightning-fast speed of 2 seconds to fully load all the content and elements in a webpage. 

In the Lighthouse audit, Hyva attained a perfect 100 points in all categories due to this superior loading speed. Enhanced website performance opens the door to:

  • Reduced bounce rates,
  • Better user experience
  • Improved engagement
  • Higher conversion rates

BuiltWith reports that approximately 2,700+ live stores are leveraging Hyva themes to boost their store's performance to the next level. 

Numerous customizations

Are you striving to establish a unique online presence? Hyvä Theme Development Services has got you covered. 

Hyva presents extensions, personalization captibilities, third party integrations and menu customizations to help you create a store that truly resonates your brand's perception. 

Personalize your website's look and feel by selecting the most suitable colors, fonts, and design elements. Hyva theme also functions seamlessly with several third-party extensions and plugins. 

This compatibility allows your Hyva theme development company to integrate additional functionalities and tools. You can also customize the menus and site presentation with simple drag-and-drop options. 

SEO-friendly structure 

Hyva themes are your ultimate solution to gain a standing ovation in the grand SEO opera. The script features a clean code and structure that caters to the discerning eyes of search engines while giving your web store a visually pleasing look. 

The immaculate mobile responsiveness and speed introduced by Hyva theme extensions help your store climb up in the search ranking. 

In Google Core vital assessment Hyva attained a perfect score. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a core web vital metrics that measures loading performance of a website. Websites having a good LCP scores are favored in search rankings. Hyva scored 1.2s which is excellent.  

Hyva is also compatible with various screen sizes, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This compatibility makes the e-commerce store function and look optimal on different platforms. 

And with some professional support from Hyva theme development company, your site performs exceptionally well, sending positive signals to search alogrithms.

Flawless technical support

When aligning Hyva themes with your online store, you will be amazed by the support Hyva provides. When working with Hyva on Magento 2, your developers can join the fast-growing community of Hyva developers. 

The Hyva community helps developers offering Hyva theme development services to access the official documents. You'll receive all the updates and be part of the official GitHub page and Slack Chat. 

In addition, they can keep tabs on all the tasks on which Hyva developers are currently working and can request help whenever necessary. This robust community support allows developers to work more efficiently to beautify your web store with the advanced Hyva themes. 

Developers from your hired Hyva theme development company can collaborate and share solutions while developing custom features. 

Futuristic Technology

Hyva is designed with longevity and relevance in mind. The modular and scalable technical infrastrcture help you upgrade your store with evolving technology, indudtry standards and demand trends. 

The theme adheres to SEO best practices and web standards. This will ensure compatibility with future browser updates. 

Hyva also incorporates regular security updates and ongoing improvements to protect against evolving cybersecurity threats. You can also add diffferent extensions with the help of Hyva theme development services to further enhance your site's security. 

Final Thoughts

Leveraging Hyva themes for Magento 2-based online stores is the optimal solution to give your design and usability an extraordinary makeover. Lightweight, flexible, and scalable Hyva themes are not introduced just to beautify your web store but to stun your visitors by elevating its performance. Therefore, integrating Hyva theme extensions with your Magento 2 store has the potential to keep your existing and potential customers hooked. 

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