Hyva Theme: The Best Frontend Theme for the Magento Store Owners!

Hyva Theme: The Best Frontend Theme for the Magento Store Owners!

Customer experience is one of the most crucial factors that helps a business, either win or lose. And, when running an eCommerce business, you cannot expect to degrade that factor at any cost. Therefore, you want your store to be performance-optimized at all times!

When you are running a Magento store, you have the feasibility to implement Hyva theme extensions. Implementing the Hyva theme is one of the solutions for enhancing the user experience of your online store. 

As you know, online shoppers are low on their attention spans, and even the slightest responsiveness issue of your site can lead them to choose your competitors over your store. When on Magento, you won’t have to worry about the same, as the Hyva theme has your back. 

With the Hyva theme being implemented for your Magento store, your site will be free from those slow-loading web pages or performance complexities. If you are new to Magento and want to establish a successful store competitive enough in the market, learning more about the Hyva theme might be of good help. 

So, this article is all about uncovering the efficacies of Hyva theme extensions, and why it is one of the best choices for Magento stores to revolutionize their store performances. 

Why was the Hyva Theme Introduced?

Earlier, Magento was available for the users to create a store with default templates or themes, namely Blank and Luma. The default theme, Blank, works as a slate for theme customization, whereas Luma is the demonstration theme, and you can prefer using it in the same manner. 

Hyva theme is introduced to overcome the challenges that Magento business owners face while using the default themes. The default options didn’t encourage improvements in performance and user experience to drive the conversions. Therefore, the Hyva theme was introduced to fix that. 

The motivation was to provide your customers with a better shopping experience. It improves your time-to-market for the business. 

You must know that the Hyva theme is built to drive your Magento 2 store performance by delivering outstanding user experience and optimizing conversion rates. The Hyva theme will prioritize performance and simplicity, as it utilizes modern technologies such as Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS. 

With this theme, you will be able to replace the bulky theme libraries with a lightweight alternative. Thus, you will achieve better page loading speed, better SEO rankings, and reduced bounce rates. You can also implement various third-party Hyva theme extensions, which can be developed without much effort. 

Why Should You Stick to the Hyva Theme for the Magento 2 Store?

Hyva theme has proven its might concerning providing a push for making your Magento store performance-rich. You get a lot of perks upon integrating the Hyva theme with the help of your preferred Magento development company, some of which include:

  • Impeccable Performance:

The Magento Hyva theme is designed from scratch, keeping in mind the performance expectations of store owners and customers. Therefore, the loading time is immensely fast, and the theme also offers an intuitive UI for driving seamless experiences for online shoppers. 

  • Thriving Conversion Rates:

When your store is responsive enough with faster loading times, the bounce rate will significantly reduce, and your conversion rates might go up. With proper integration of the Hyva theme, alongside its extensions, you can retain your customers or convert a high count of leads.  

  • SEO Perks:

As you know, Google and other search engines do consider page speed as a prime ranking factor. When you have Hyva integrated into your Magento store, the page speed quotient will be high, ensuring improvements in your search engine ranking. Thus, you will be getting more organic traffic to your site! 

  • Ease of Customization:

You have the option to customize your Magento store the way you want with various customization options. If you want to add a unique appeal to your store, you need to take the help of the third-party Hyva theme extensions. Some extensions are already available in respective marketplaces, whereas you can also get custom ones developed for you. 

  • Mobile Optimization:

As most online shoppers today use mobile phones to place their orders, your Magento store must function responsively across all such devices. Hyva theme is responsive and pre-optimized to ensure optimal UX on all mobile devices. 

What are Some of the Hyva Theme Extensions that You Can Add to the Magento Store?

The best thing about the Hyva theme is its flexibility to accept extensions and add a unique appeal to the Magento store. But, most fresh entrepreneurs who rely on Hyva theme for just its performance quotient, are aware of what extensions can enhance their store efficacy. Therefore, here are some of the popular Hyva theme extensions that you can add to your store and to improve your store operations:

1. PayTrace Payment Gateway

Elsner Technologies brings to you the PayTrace payment gateway, which ensures all the online transactions made across your store are 100% secure. Top security standards concerning PCI are taken into consideration. Upon integrating this extension, your customers won’t have to be redirected to a different tab for processing their order payments. 

They can stay in your store itself and complete the payment for the services or products that they buy. It is one of the best Hyva theme extensions that you can count on. When the payment gets done on the same checkout page of the store, customers tend to trust the brand even more. You will be driving positive UX, which will eventually get you more sales. 

2. Advance FAQ 

The Magento 2 Advance FAQ extension for the Hyva theme will allow all your customers to find answers to some of the common store-related questions. A FAQ page will be added to your store, adding SEO-friendliness and enabling you to create a list of common questions in the product pages with reliable answers. 

Your customers will be provided with a comprehensive platform to look for relevant answers without the need to send out emails. This will not just help you ease your customer service efforts, but will also help you win more conversions. 

3. Multiline Discount 

When you take the help of the Multiple 2 Discount extension for your Hyva theme over the Magento store, it will ensure that the shopping cart or checkout page shows price discounts in separate lines. This will give your customers a clear visibility into the actual price of the product and the discount applied to the same. 

Moreover, with this extension, the discount will also be visible in the emails that are sent to the customers for order confirmation, credit notes, and invoices. The customers will be able to see the total price breakdown in terms of discounts, which will ensure you are offering them clear insights about the payable amount. 

4. PayPal Multicurrency

PayPal's multi currency extension, by Elsner, will allow your store customers to process payments in their preferred currency, processes through PayPal. Thus, it will improve the overall user experience. Being a Magento store owner with a Hyva theme, you will be able to accept payments from global customers. 

This way, you don’t have to limit your business to just the local customers but also expand it to the global audience. In addition to that, such payment flexibility will enhance the overall UX of your Magento store, which will give you more sales and revenue. 

5. Dynamic Labels Pro - Magento 2 Product Labels

The Hyva theme itself makes your Magento store appealing and highly functional. But, to take it one notch higher, you can consider integrating Dynamic Labels Pro. It is a powerful extension that empowers you to effortlessly create attractive labels that might highlight the unique attributes of the products and promote them. 

The attractive labels will captivate the attention of customers right from the moment they access your online store. The Dynamic Labels Pro extension is used most for creating labels to indicate discounts, new arrivals, best sellers, special offers, or other promotions. 

What is the Compatibility of Hyva Theme for Your Magento Store?

Hyva theme is one of the ultimate solutions for all the store owners to drive performance. It is compatible with Magento 2.4v and the versions above it. There are more than 140 official extensions for the Hyva theme, and the third-party developers also offer custom extensions for the purpose. 

Most extension vendors, like Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have been developing innovative Magento 2 extensions compatible with the Hyva theme and Magento. It means business owners will have the upper hand upon availing of the Hyva theme benefits without compromising their select functionalities. 

With the Hyva theme, all Magento store owners will be able to optimize the performance of their sites efficiently while availing a plethora of features. When you hire professionals to get compatible extensions for your Hyva theme and Magento store, you can expect better SEO ranking, faster loading speed, and lower bounce rates. 

Bottom Line

As eCommerce is a booming sector in the modern world, performance and speed are of utmost importance. For Magento business owners, there is nothing more important than enhancing their online presence in the crowd of competitors. And for that, the Hyva theme is the ultimate solution. 

With the scope of adopting lightning-fast performance, SEO benefits, and mobile optimization, the Hyva theme is the perfect pick for your Magento store development. Following that, you are also open to implementing the high-end Hyva theme extensions that will add a sense of uniqueness to your eCommerce store.

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